Ben 'Windy' Miller - Satellites EP

Ben 'Windy' Miller is a singer-songwriter who came to me wanting a sleeve design and disc label for his first recorded EP. He said he wanted a no-frills design that represented him "just as he is". Something natural and honest.

Ben's lyric notebook goes everywhere with him, full of ideas for songs, sketches, doodles, anything that pops into his head as he goes about his day-to-day life. It was the doodles that caught my eye, particularly as I realised some of them had been the basis for a few of the tattoos on Ben's arms. I knew these were really personal, and I asked if I could take a photocopy.

He tore out two pages and gave them to me.

I scanned them, cleaned them up in Photoshop, and rearranged them to make Ben's CD label. In the meantime, Ben had some photos taken which showed him well but were a bit dull due to the weather conditions. I edited them to give them some more warmth and depth and did some basic skin retouching. Ben liked the result so much he asked if I would use those for his cover, and also asked if I would do a matching poster to tie in with the launch of the EP.