Alex Pearson Private Fitness Studio

The brief for anything I design for Alex is that it is as far removed as possible from the "go hard or go home" school of fitness as possible.

Simple, classy design. No threatening language (of the if-it-hurts-it's-working variety), OVERLY AGGRESSIVE FONTS or cliched health and fitness imagery. Alex Pearson Private Fitness Studio takes on the people who feel like they've already tried everything, who feel that they are beyond help but still want to try. People with health conditions, injuries, obesity, diabetes. Alex's branding needed to be gentle and reassuring whilst still having strength.

The range of items produced for the Studio includes Client Success Files for storing tracking documents and notes, welcome cards, business cards, letterheads, all client forms and paperwork, and branded greetings cards for personal successes, birthdays and Christmas.

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A mini eBook produced by myself, Alex and our marketing consultant, Aimee Holland. Done in a hurry but a fun result! The graphics are my work but I also take the credit for all memes and gaming references because a) the product was targeted at reclusive, geeky types and I love to sing the song of my people, and b) any excuse for a World of Warcraft joke.